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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Xerox WorkCentrePro 123 wont network scan

When setting up a respository for a Network Scan here are my recommenedations:



- Share out a Folder

- Create a "service" account for scanning

- Full Permissions for that "service" account you create on that share (NTFS and SHARE)


Xerox 123

- Make sure under the templates you are setting Public and not a Private

- Make sure you created the respository correctly under the Repository settings.




UNC Path of your server to your network scans: \\server1\share\netscans


Hostname/IP: server1

Share: share

Remote Path: netscans


That should help you in getting the scans to work correctly. Also, if you are using a domain account you may need to change the username a bit (EX: domain\user).


Hope that helps.

Thank you,
Jordan R.
Systems Analyst / Consultant
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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox WorkCentrePro 123 wont network scan

in order to locate the rosanne-pc , you need to be sure your dns settings are correct


also the remote path cannot start with \\


you need to leave this empty , because you configured already the share name...


If you have in your sharename extra subfolders like


\\rosanne-pc\scanner\dir 1\dir2


then the remote path would be  dir1\dir2

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Xerox WorkCentrePro 123 wont network scan

Product Name: WorkCentre Pro 123/128

I am web managing it at the moment, I am getting an error saying it could not connect to the WebCentre server and to verify my login / pass is correct. Thats when I set it to use SMB. When I set it to use FTP. It says it cant find the file repository to put the file in. However I can enter the path to the respository from a laptop and it works just fine. 

Under the file repository settings:
Name: Scanner
Protocols: SMB
Server Name: Rosanne-PC (this is where i want it to deposit)
Port 139
Shared name: Scanner
Remote Path: \\Rosanne-PC\Scanner (
Login name: (empty)
password (empty).

The printers IP is, on the network of

What server is it talking about? Ive been trying to install the onmly thing I could find which is the CentreWare server on to this computer. It wants me to enable IIS and WWW services. Which I have, Ive been so frustrated I enabled EVERYTHING in windows features. And it keeps asking me to turn on "Basic Authentication, Digest Authentication, Request Filtering, Windows authentication. I have all of them installed. What gives??

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