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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox WorkCentrePro

Server Name: Rosanne-PC (this is where i want it to deposit) This requires DNS, you may want to verify if the IP works
Port 139 Current OS's prefer 445, any current Xerox device supports SMB2 and will require 445 to Win 7 and newer
Shared name: Scanner
Remote Path: \\Rosanne-PC\Scanner ( This is completely incorrect, This is only used if there is a folder within Scanner, you are telling it now to go into Rosannes PC(Server Name), find the folder called Scanner (Shared Name) and then inside that folder find her PC again, then go to the same Scanner folder again, and then for some reason to an IP address. Just delete the whole entry
Login name: (empty) Any PC that allows Read/write permissions from an unidentified user in this world is pretty much not able to be on a LAN. It is highly suspect, and Xerox doesn't allow it for that reason.
password (empty).See above

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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox WorkCentrePro

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I am web managing it at the moment, I am getting an error saying it could not connect to the WebCentre server and to verify my login / pass is correct. Thats when I set it to use SMB. When I set it to use FTP. It says it cant find the file repository to put the file in. However I can enter the path to the respository from a laptop and it works just fine. 

Under the file repository settings:
Name: Scanner
Protocols: SMB
Server Name: Rosanne-PC (this is where i want it to deposit)
Port 139
Shared name: Scanner
Remote Path: \\Rosanne-PC\Scanner (
Login name: (empty)
password (empty).

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