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Re: colorqube 9301/9303 poor scanning quality

Hi there,


Even i am facing the same problem on CQ 9303 tried changing dpi from 200 to 600 also disabling the MRC compression all possible image setting.

Issue only on scanning,copy OK.

The scan image is so distroted if compared to CQ 9203 its unexpectable.

tried even to upgrading to latest firmware and uploading the scanning patch.

Somebody please advice very urgent.........

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Valued Advisor

Re: colorqube 9301/9303 poor scanning quality

Hi Rayboni,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please try scanning to a different format and see if the images look better or make a copy are the copies ok?  If the copies are okay then the scanner itself is working.  Try a different document format for your scans other than PDF and see if that makes a difference.  If not please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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colorqube 9301/9303 poor scanning quality

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Can somebody from support tell me what is the best setting that can be done on the Colorqube to have a good scanning result to PDF? Also in combination that files will not grow to large, so you are still able to send them outside the company with e-mail functionality.


I already did lots of settings myself and even put compression out from the webinterface of the multifunctional and then I found out that without compression PDF files are less large then with compression on, for me that was a bit strange. If you use the default settings as our reseller first set the machines up, the quality is so poor that those scans are not suitable to send out of your organization.  I even tried to check and uncheck all settings that can be done for scanning and compression, but not the best results. They are now set on highest quality with 300 DPI. I certainly understand you can set it to 600 DPI, but then files will even grow larger.


For some reason I can nowhere find a good article within the Xerox website how a customer with different colorquebe machines can set the quality of scans in this way, that it's acceptable for the outside world, without having to ZIP every PDF file that you like to scan, before sending them trough e-mail.


I can not imagine I am the only customer having these problems with these brand new machines.


I upgraded one of my machines to the latest firmware and patch available, but that does not  fix the issues.


Many thanks for helping me out.

Kind regards,

Raymond Boer



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