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distinctive ringtone not working with fax line (DRPD)

Product Name: WorkCentre 3215
Operating System: Windows 10

replaced my older Brother all in one fax machine with the Xerox 3215.  I have two phone lines and a dedicated phone number (distinctive ring tone) on my second line.  We have called Xerox twice and spent over 3 hours with them in total online.  If the fax works, then the second phone line (rollover line) also picks up the fax.  the distinctive ring tone is a short short.  We found online some instructions, followed them and it still doesn't work.  I need both phone lines to work as phone lines and the fax to work as a fax.  ATT came out and they said all of their lines are working, get a new machine from a different manufacturer.  the printer and scanner work just fine.  I need the fax to work. Very frustrated. HELP!!

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: distinctive ringtone not working with fax line (DRPD)

You have several choices for how you want to receive faxes with this machine:

  • Fax: Where the machine answers an incoming fax call and immediately goes into fax reception mode, according to the features you have set up on the machine.
  • Tel: Receives a fax when you press the On Hook dial button and then Start, where you are at the machine.
  • Answering machine: Where you have an answering machine connected to the machine which is set up to answer faxes as they come in.
  • These options are accessible at the machine through the Fax Setup process, as described below.

Another option, Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD), requires a special telephone company service on your phone line and is accessible in the System Setup menu on your machine. With DRPD, you program your fax machine to recognize particular rings as fax machines sending faxes.

Changing the Receive Mode

The Receive mode was set up at installation of your machine. To change the mode:

  1. Press the Info button on the Control Panel.
  2. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Fax Setup. Press OK.
  3. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Receiving. Press OK.
  4. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Receive mode. Press OK.
  5. Select the mode you want to use by scrolling through the list. Press OK.

    NOTE: To set up a DRPD receive mode requires different steps, as described below.

The modes are described below.

Fax Mode

Faxes will be received as they come in and either printed immediately, forwarded, and/or saved, depending on the features you have setup as defaults on your machine.

Since your machine is a multi-tasking device, it can receive faxes while you are making copies or printing. If you receive a fax while you are copying or printing, your machine stores the incoming fax in its memory. Then, as soon as you finish copying or printing, the machine automatically prints the fax.

Tel Mode

In this mode, you must be at the machine. You can receive a fax call by pressing the On Hook Dial button to open the fax line; you will hear a dial tone. Press Start when you hear a fax tone from the remote machine. The machine begins receiving a fax. If a handset is available you can answer calls using the handset.

Ans/Fax Mode

To use this mode, you must attach an answering machine to the EXT socket on the back of your machine. If your machine detects a fax tone on the line, it automatically starts to receive the fax. If your answering machine detects a person leaving a message, it saves the message.


  • If you have set your machine to this mode and your answering machine is switched off, or no answering machine is connected to EXT socket, your machine automatically goes into Fax mode after a predefined number of rings.
  • If your answering machine has a user-selectable ring counter, set the machine to answer incoming calls within 1 ring.
  • If you are in Tel mode when the answering machine is connected to your machine, you must switch off the answering machine. otherwise, the outgoing message from the answering machine will interrupt your phone conversation.

Distinctive Ring Mode

Distinctive Ring is a telephone company service which enables a user to use a single telephone line to answer several different telephone numbers. The particular number someone uses to call you is identified by different ringing patterns, which consist of various combinations of long and short ringing sounds. This feature is often used by answering services who answer telephones for many different clients and need to know which number someone is calling in on to properly answer the phone.

Using the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) feature, your fax machine can learn the ring pattern you designate to be answered by the fax machine. Unless you change it, this ringing pattern will continue to be recognized and answered as a fax call, and all other ringing patterns will be forwarded to the extension telephone or answering machine plugged into the EXT socket. You can easily suspend or change DRPD at any time by disabling the DRPD fax receive mode.

Before using the DRPD option, Distinctive Ring service must be installed on your telephone line by the telephone company. To set up DRPD, you will need another telephone line at your location, or someone available to dial your fax number from outside.

To configure Distinctive Ring Mode:

  1. Press the Info button on the Control Panel.
  2. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Fax Setup. Press OK.
  3. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to Receiving. Press OK.
  4. Press the up/down arrows to scroll to DRPD. Press OK.
  5. The device will display Waiting Ring.
  6. Using a phone that is not on the shared fax line, dial the device fax number.
  7. Let the phone ring until the device displays Completed DRPD Setup.
  8. Hang up the phone once the message is displayed on the printer.
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Joe Arseneau
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Re: distinctive ringtone not working with fax line (DRPD)

Your problem is very difficult to solve

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