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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: ldap server and faxes

Hello Hyrules,


It's not clear that your WC 7428 is accessing the LDAP server correctly.  Can you do a simple test by going to the machine and from the control panel do a search of the doctor's fax number?  If it returns the correct number then the issue is most likely with the phone book software that you are using.  Can you tell me what the name of that phone book software is?



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ldap server and faxes

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I`ve setup a LDAP server in order to be able to get access to a list of doctor and their fax number. Everything is working fine except that the xerox phonebook software installed with the drivers does not see the facsimileTelephoneNumber. I have a Xerox Workcenter 7428. The software sees the names but not the fax number. I have matched the appropriate name in the web interface but to no success. Any help would be appreciated.



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