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Re: multipage pdf scans from book. Workcenter 7835

Oh...I just realized it probably won't work to scan as copy anyway because I can't use my copy priviliges for personal items. I probably have to login to do that but I don/'t have to log in for scanning to file. If I had a printout I wouldn't need the scan anymore. I'd actually rather have a hard copy but don't want to pay for it.


The public library copier will allow me to do the mutiple page scan (ironic, huh?) but the 7835 is my work machine. Was hoping to avoid doing it at the library but I may have to do it there.  

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Re: multipage pdf scans from book. Workcenter 7835

Thanks, I will try this next week and let you know how it goes.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: multipage pdf scans from book. Workcenter 7835

You can do it as a copy




But not as a scan,


<pure guess/conjecture>

likely because of piracy (think University text books)


Of course you could copy the textbook and scan the output of that, but from a legal standpoint, having the Book Scanning option is probably harder to defend legally, this way it can be passed off as "That isn't what was intended with the feature"


</pure guess/conjecture>


A workaround, <in the case of a booklet you created and printed with your own stuff, but after printing you lost the file, and need to scan the original output to save time instead of re-creating from scratch,> would be Build Job.





Now when you scan a page (remember to set the size of one page in the Layout adjustment tab)


After you scan a page you will get this, just keep hitting Program next segment and manually move the book side to side on the glass to scan the right page, when you get them all select Submit Job and it will create and transfer the pdf file.





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Joe Arseneau
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multipage pdf scans from book. Workcenter 7835

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I am trying to scan one document from many pages of a book. The only way to get it done seems to be insert loose pages, but I have way too many pages to scan to copy/print them all out first.  I select multi-page but still get single page for any scans done from a book.





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