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Re: network scanning to searchable pdf takes forever



what sort of documents are you trying to scan? xerox machines have difficulties trying to make searchable scans from images... then it takes a verry long time....


ist better to create 2 templates, 1 searchable the other one not


also, what firmware is your machine on? xerox fixed lots of scanning issues in the 19700 and further release


latest one at the moment is :




example from rls note:


scanning multiple Scan to file jobs, intermittently some of the jobs do not
file, but a failed confirmation sheet is not printed.

scan jobs go into processing then delete without error sheet

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network scanning to searchable pdf takes forever

Product Name: Other - specify product in post



We have the 7775, 7775 with Fiery and also 5755.


When doing regular scans to network there are no problem.


When trying to do searchable PDF scans to network, it will work on all three copiers at first, but after a few scan jobs, it will show the scan as being processed and won't fiinish.


Eventually we have to restart the copiers to resolve the problem, but it is such a pain to have to restart the copiers ten or twenty times a day.


Please help!




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