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Pete7875858 New Member
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not able to scan from 3655

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Product Name: Xerox work center 3655
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


I recently deployed a 3655 onsite at one of my clients, and everything went smoothly untill we tried to set up scanning to the user's shared drives on the server. I tried every combination of file path and usernames between the "share" and "document path" fields (I'd rather use the admin login for simplicity) but we keep getting a "Login failure. Check user password, and/or setups."

They had an older Xerox that got smashed that was setup the same way, I had configured it a few years ago and it worked just like the manual said it would. I've tripple checked the manual, but nothing I do seems to work. Xerox support just told me its a firmware issue and I need to upgrade, but the printer is already on the newest version. I've checked the server permissions as well.

Does anyone out there have any advice?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: not able to scan from 3655

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From a PC that is not the one with the share.

Start > \\  > Enter

Window's explorer  should open and show you all the shares, there must be one shown that says users, which is not the same as the Windows default directory Users <case matters>

Double click on users and you should see operations and then go into that and see _scans. <you may want to try removing that folder to be sure the underscore isn't an issue>.

Other than that, Windows 10 doesn't do remote users without proper formatting <Domain\Username, HOST\Username or user@domain>. Get the right login via adding it to the folder, then type how it shows in the brackets


And since you already installed Firmware there should be absolutely no SMB share this printer can't get to, so it is very much an issue with the settings you are using.

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Pete7875858 New Member
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Re: not able to scan from 3655

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It ended up being the case sensitive share name. Thanks! :D
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