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Re: problem with netscan on XEROX WC 3220

there are some newer firmwares out, you can call xerox to obtain version : , maybe that can help?

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problem with netscan on XEROX WC 3220

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has anybody known the problem when user account dissapear from XEROX WC 3220 display  console -  when, let say,user "A"  wants to scan some doc from XEROX WC 3220 to his laptop via netscan application (v.1.11.24) , he doesnot see his name "A"  in menu on this device...!..

The problem is  resolved  sometimes after power off/on of this XEROX device,,...or sometimes after full re-installation of netscan application on user's laptop...


(the network is Win server 2003, users PCs - XP SP3, printers are shared on server)


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