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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: "verify the mailbox name and password"

Just because the Fiery is online does not mean that the scan service is running.


So open Webtools and see if you can see the scans there and retrieve them, but I'm thinking you won't.




Likely you will get an error about Mydocs not loading, in which case you would likely lose a lot of settings to resolve it.


The 2 methods would be to

1. Reset the Fiery, which will delete every job and customization on it, you would have to set it all back up again

2. Have the Fiery loaded by a Xerox tech, which does the same as above, but also wipes any updates or patches from the system, Xerox is not responsible for those so it would be up to you to either install them manually (Well over 100 of them) or set the machine with DNS and enable the auto updates through EFI.



Attached pdf guides through option number 1, skip webtools though, use CWS via Server > Configure and just hope Java lets you do it.

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Joe Arseneau
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"verify the mailbox name and password"

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Hi everyone,

Our shop is having a slight problem with accessing our scanned documents and images using the Fiery Scan 5 software, although we have used the Fiery Scan 5 software for years and had no problems until recently.

Basically, our Docucolor 242 died about 2 weeks ago for no reason at all, then all of a sudden revived itself out of no where after about 15/20 minutes! However, now, although we can do more or less everything we used to be able to do with it, (i.e. print/ copy/ scan) we can not access our scanned files via Fiery Scan 5 anymore! It recognises our Doculor and connects to it no problem, but we can no longer log in to our guest username. Fiery Scan 5 brings up a message saying "Can't open mailbox "guest". Please verify the mailbox name and password." (preview below) although we haven't touched or altered any settings.

We have tried reconnecting numourous times, rebooting the server, we've even tried accessing the i.p address and seeing if anything has changed on there.

We have searched and searched all over Google on how to "verify the mailbox and username" but there's no information anywhere that can help us. We have contaced Xerox and they can not help us over the phone and suggested sending an engineer out to us but at a price...


Please can ANYONE help us access our scanned documents and images again, or are we going to have to take the loss of needing to call an engineer out to resolve our issue!?


Thanks in advance!

 Fiery 5 Preview.JPG

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