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scan to email with gmail

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Product Name: Xerox B215
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Just got my B215 Printer 
I setup IP to the printer and been able to access it via the web browser
I been able to print to the printer via regula print and via the web page 

I want to configure the smtp server, using gmail to enable the option to scan to email
After setup and add email address to the address book, when i press email, select the destination email and press send i got error saying
"send mail server (SMTP) configuration error"
I set the Values shown on the attached screen shot 
Xerox B215 scan to gmail 1.png

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Re: scan to email with gmail

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To solve the Issue
Set the values as show on the first screen shot
Enter your google acount ands the security to Less secured App Access (i create an account for it and not use my main email address account)

Xerox B215 scan to gmail 2.pngXerox B215 scan to gmail 3.png

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Re: scan to email with gmail

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Hi Nachumsh,
Thanks for coming back and supplying this answer. I am sure it will help other users!!
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