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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: scan to home using ldap query on 7855i

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If you don't login then the template is just going to the root folder before the users directory, and it does so using the default LDAP credentials




But the scan to home that is populated by their login comes from the credentials here, and these settings are where they went wrong.




Typically Logged In User is the correct setting to choose (Because if "Dave" can login he absolutely should be able to get to the "Dave" folder), Whereas the System prompt would require that the LDAP server username can access the "Dave" folder, which is much less likely.


And this needs to be on for sure, else it won't even try to pull Dave's information.




And how cool would it be to find out Dave is the name of the person who contacted you about it ;-)

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Joe Arseneau

scan to home using ldap query on 7855i

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A customer set up scan to home and is using ldap to query.But gets the attached error when he scans. Also when he uses the no- ldap query it works but dumps the scan to a general folder instead of individual persons folder which is the intent.We have done a software upgrade to the latest spftware but still same error.

Any takes please?







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