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Re: scanner always offline.

Doing some digging and looks like I'm not alone with the scanner problem, see feedback from another owner.

So it's going back and I'll look for another brand,

Well now even with a hardwired connection its back with its old tricks. Seems to have a mind of its own and the IT guys are unable to find out whats going on. Installing new drivers and all the usual things are getting nowhere. Frankly had I know I would have returned this Printer after delivery. I have read on line that its a software issue that Xerox have not addressed which is less than impressive. I am now looking to purchase a reliable printer scanner that actually works as advertised. Shame on you Xerox.

Still having scanner issues. It prints fine and no complaints there at all. It keeps on working day in and day out. the scanner function is another story. Some days it works just fine and others it decides to have the day off. The IT guys are at a loss but suggest we move to a wire connection. That's not great. Had I known we would have these problems I would have bought a different product. You have been warned !!


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Re: scanner always offline.

Thanks for the reply Gabi, but I'm on the latest drivers and firmware, and the printer works fine and always has, it's the scanner is the problem, only worked after I'd updated the firmware and then for only a little time, then same problem, so nothing changed in the config from when it worked until it didn't, other than power cycle. Don't see it in device manager either under imaging devices.

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: scanner always offline.


Most of the issues with non printing jobs and „Offline” messages are from driver settings.

 First check to see if  there is no job in the print queue (delete any job if exist).

 Check the port to be on TCP/IP and not WSD. MS convert the port to WSD. If it is so, click right on the print driver and click on „Printer Properties”, click on „Ports” tab, click on „Add port”, select „Standard TCP/IP port” , click on „New port” and set an IP and in the next window click „Finish”.

After that click again on ''Ports'' tab click on "Configure port" and change from  RAW to LPR, at the Queue name write "lp" and be sure to unchecked "LPR Byte Counting Enable" and "SNMP Status Enabled".



scanner always offline.

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


new printer/scanner, b215. Latest drivers and firmware. Only once have I managed to get a scan working and that was after a firmware update, I assumed wrongly that's all it needed, then stopped again, always shows offline in windows 10 and cannot get back online. Hardware is ok as the copy function works when using the console.

 Any advice help appreciated.


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