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skater New Member
New Member

workcentre 3120 won't print pdfs from USB port

I'm trying to print pdfs from the USB port (the one that you can put a USB memory stick in).  It it supposed to be able to print: pdf, jpg, tiff, bmp.  I can print all the other formats but it won't print any pdf I have tried.  The manual says that i prints pdf 1.4, and all the pdfs I have tried to print are that version.  It just says "file format not supported".  


Does anyone have any ideas why it might not be working?  The printer model is workcentre 3120.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: workcentre 3120 won't print pdfs from USB port

hello, do you have the latest firmware running? i believe its 2.07m , we need to start here , then we are sure its not software related on the machine

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