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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: workcentre 5024 027-518

Upgrade to the latest firmware from this link.


If you disabled SMBv1 on the server, it isn't going to work, you will need to switch to FTP instead.


SMB is on port 445, not 446


Server path builds on the share folder, so you just told it to log into smb:\\\scanacc\


So delete everything in the Server path, it isn't needed unless there is a folder inside scanacc


The printer is not part of the domain, so if the account it uses is a domain account, you need to format it as such (domain\username or user@domain) Easiest way to confirm proper formatting is to add the user to the share and type it as it appears in brackets.



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Joe Arseneau
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workcentre 5024 027-518

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I have xerox workcentre 5024 . its has a problem when scanning to network


we have domain network and windows server 2008 .



when I scan its says ( login failed )  027-518


i used the port 446 and my server ip is


my share folder name is scanacc and its has Evreyone permission 


am not sure what is the server path . I put the server ip without \\




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