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borism25 New Member
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xerox 560 with integrated Fiery - scan to email problem


I have problem with xerox 560, and setting scan to email options, first i try to set throught Command workstation but that doesn't help.


Email Setup.PNG

Email Setup 1.PNG

Email Setup 2.PNG

Email Setup 3.PNGEmail Setup 4.PNG



After that i open xerox web tools (on my pc it's and start editing E-mail configuration, first i get the error "016-503" - SMTP adress Fix Error, after i set my gmail acc to the config, i get the error "016-764 - SMTP server Connection Error". I try almoust everything after that last error, even try to change ports, and smtp adresses, i even  try with google public DNS, i can write 2 pages of trying and nothing help me to solve this problem.


i try folow this link to solve the problem:


also try chage ports and adresses from google support:



but if i set SMTP AUTH, after pres save, i lose check box and autoamticlly under email configuration is set  to None.

this is the link to the picures:


Email - Conf - General.PNGEmail - Conf 2.PNGEmail - Conf.PNG

So please can someone help me to solve this for me big problem :) TIA.

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Steve26 New Member
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Re: xerox 560 with integrated Fiery - scan to email problem

I know this is an old thread, but did you ever get this soved?!

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: xerox 560 with integrated Fiery - scan to email problem

If they did, it was using a completely different setup.

The Fiery portion is useless, it allows the Fiery to send email and has no relevence to the scan to email option on the copier, so just skip all that.

With current firmware on the 560 family, Scan to email would be done in CWIS, not CWS5 or Webtools.

SMTP = with port 587 and STARTTLS Not STARTTLS (If available)

As for the settings not saving, it is a known issue in Chrome, simply use a different web browser.

You will almost certainly need to enable less secure apps

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