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6.2.2: $FFFile Name$ built-in variable to not be interpreted on non-English OSes


Our customer has been operating FF Core for ages, particularly On a Windows Server English. They have several dozens of W/Fs and Hotfolders.

We are now on our way to migrate them to 6.2.2, on a French Windows Server (for the customer's convenience; as we could not find any reference in the FF Core 6.2 Installation Guide that English OS was mandatory).

The migration was made via CoreExchange. All in all, the customer looks to be satisfied.

However, there is a quite surprising (annoying?) point that they recently discovered:

In Administration > Hot Folders > Max Setup the "Build Job Names Using Data Fields" is enabled and "$FFFile Name$" proudly stands in the nearby "Job Name" text box. This was simply copied from the old server to the new one by Core Exchange. Perfect!

However, should you drop a file (say: "xxx.pdf") into this kind of Hot Folders, then the new job will be named...

$FFFile Name$

... instead of "xxx", as expected, as it used to be for ages (on the old platform).

Playing with the nearby dropdown menu in "Max Setup", the customer realized that, as his FF Core UI is set in French (thanks to his browser's language preference set to "French"), then a

$$Nom du fichier$

... string is copied into the "Job Name" text box.

With this setting (and: with this setting only), then the Hot Folder works fine, naming the file as expected ("xxx").


  • did you guys ever fall into the same trap, with a German, Spanish etc. platform?
  • did we miss something, that these variables must be named, according to the OS language?
  • in the documentation, we could not find translation tables, with English variable names and their local equivalents (only the English names seem to be mentioned). Does somebody know, where to get these lists?
  • is the Hot Folder "Job Name" setting the only one affected by this... behavior? Or should we expect other FF Core features to also rely on "localized" variable names? Which would be particularly painful to our customer, who owns dozens of W/F, as I said


Kind regards,


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Re: 6.2.2: $FFFile Name$ built-in variable to not be interpreted on non-English OSes

I see a typo in my original post: the character string injected by the dropdown menu is

$FFNom du fichier$

... not the wrong string I mentioned early. Sorry!

Thanks for your consideration.

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Re: 6.2.2: $FFFile Name$ built-in variable to not be interpreted on non-English OSes




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