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Re: 7.0.5: "Review" Email Body Template?

I believe the design intent was more for 'administrative' messaging and not specifically for 'end customers'. As such I currently dont know any way for this to be customized.

As you suggested, it would probably be better and give you more control to do it via an external process. I have used the Advanced Automation license to use external scripting to access email functionality and customize the content in this way and give you full control.

Maybe in the future this could change.

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7.0.5: "Review" Email Body Template?


The body of the "Review" email is rather... rustic - I mean: not very appealing, to say the least:

Review Email Body.png

Is there a known way to have its template edited?

The idea would be to have this email sent to end-customers, but as it looks now, few of them would enjoy opening and reading.

Or should we more consider developping something external to FF Core?


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