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sabbott Frequent Member
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My bosses want me to a training on Freeflow core. They want everybody to know how to setup and manage workflows. As part of the training I want my trainees to setup and their own workflows that they can practice on, so they do not have to modify any of the ones we already have setup.

Is there any way to give them access to setup workflows but to not be able to modify any of the existing ones?

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Re: Access

We do not have that sort of mechanism. If you are running in a VM (which I generally recommend) I would suggest taking a snapshot and then rolling back. If not, I would suggest exporting a clone and then importing it after training.


As always, I would also strongly recommend that you do this sort of thing on the backup system. The backup license has the same modules as your production license and can be used for this sort of purpose.

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Mitchell44 New Member
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Re: Access

Same here - it's definitely aimed at projects that don't really have much in the way of a fixed process to go through. Good for agile development processes, and good for simple to-do type stuff, but a lot of people use workflows to mirror real life processes. For example, getting systems from development to production, via sets of plans and authorisations, which means things MUST be done in a limited order.

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