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marketamcl New Member
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Adding 2 extra pages and deleting them after



we have a problem here. I hope you can help.


Our company prints photobooks. Our workflow looks like this: 4 pages from the photobook on one sheet of SRA3. Sometimes we need to do it with 6 pages, cause the customers can add extra pages by 2. When this happens, FreeFlow puts 2 pages on another sheet into the middle and its not possible to cut them together - we always cut it by mistake together and then the pictures are cut in half.. We need to find a solution for this. For example if Core could recognize that its not divisible by 4, it would automatically add 2 extra blank pages so it would work..In the end we would need to get rid of these 2 blank pages. Is this somehow possible?


Thank you very much,



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Dieter SKMF6KL-xrx
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Re: Adding 2 extra pages and deleting them after

which version of FFCore are you using?

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator JyriS-Xerox
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Adding 2 extra pages and deleting them after

You can use Insert Pages to fill the document to be always a multiple of 4 pages. So if you get 6 pages in, it will add 2 blank pages and then your imposition will work as required.



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