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Re: Adding Canon ImageRunners w/ Fiery as Printer Destinations

As far as I know, the FreeFlow Connectivity option is only available for Xerox printers.


If you want to automatically send jobs to the Fiery you have a couple of options:

  • Use the Save component to drop a PDF + JDF into a fiery hot folder.
    • There are a couple of caveats around this. I am not sure whether the Fiery supports JDFs via hot folders. Also, you may have to adjust the JDF before copying to the hot folder. In order do this you will need to do some system reconfiguration (details are in the install documentation)
  • Use the external component to invoke a script to submit the file via LPR
    • Not sure what ticketing the Fiery supports via LPR but I would expect it to be a subset of the nominal job ticketing.
    • You can see more information in this topic


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Adding Canon ImageRunners w/ Fiery as Printer Destinations



Is it possible to add Canon ImageRunner (IR-C7565i) devices to FreeFlow Core as Printer Destinations?  They have Fiery DFEs.  After looking through the FFC documentation, I'm not clear on if non-Xerox Fiery devices are supported.  This is my first time attempting to add such a device to FFC.


From comparing our Xerox printers and these Canons in Fiery Command Workstaiton, I see that the Xeroxes have a "Fiery Connectiivty with FreeFlow" option/package and the Canons do not.  Do the Canons need this package in order to communicate with FFC?


When I attempt to add them as Printer Destinations currently, it fails, though it does return the model of the device:



05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,948 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] PrinterDestinationProxyFactory DiscoverPrinterDestination - DiscoverPrinterDestination: printerAddress =
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,949 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] Discovery                      Discover             - Discovery Request: deviceAddress =, discoveryMethods = RemotePrinterManager,Cache,Snmp,Http,Ipp
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,949 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] SnmpDiscovery                  Discover             - Trying SNMP Discovery for <> TimeOut = 5000, NumRetries = 2
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,953 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] SnmpDiscovery                  Discover             - snmp.Get returned Canon iR-ADV C7565-N1 /P for <>
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,956 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] DiscoveryAction                LogDiscovery         - Snmp discovery failed for printer <>
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,957 [<NULL>][480  ]: [WARN ] PrinterAddressExt              GetHostEntry         - No DNS host entry found for
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,958 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] HttpWebResponseDiscovery       Discover             - Trying Http Web Response Discovery for <>
05-Jul-2017 15:17:01,959 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] HttpWebResponseDiscovery       MakeHttpRequest      - Http Web Response Discovery for <> TimeOut=100000
05-Jul-2017 15:17:02,003 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] HttpWebResponseDiscovery       <GetPrinterResponse>b__10_0 - Unknown SslPolicyError
05-Jul-2017 15:17:02,006 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] HttpWebResponseDiscovery       <GetPrinterResponse>b__10_0 - Unknown SslPolicyError
05-Jul-2017 15:17:02,007 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] DiscoveryAction                LogDiscovery         - Http discovery failed for printer <>
05-Jul-2017 15:17:02,008 [<NULL>][480  ]: [WARN ] PrinterAddressExt              GetHostEntry         - No DNS host entry found for
05-Jul-2017 15:17:02,009 [<NULL>][480  ]: [INFO ] Discovery                      Discover             - Discovery Results: deviceAddress =, DiscoveryMethod = none, PrinterType = UnIdentified, PrinterUriPort = , IsXcptPrinter = False, QueueCount = , PrinterProtocol = Unknown
05-Jul-2017 15:17:02,010 [<NULL>][480  ]: [ERROR] DevicePoolWorker               GetQueuesAndAttributesGroup - Status Code: 1013. An error occurred while connecting to the printer specified.


I noted the SSL error, but wanted to be sure that adding these devices was supported before diving in deeper.


Any guidnace is appreciated.




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