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Re: Automated banner sheet

None of the DFEs that we support expose functionality to specify this sort of controls during job submission. As such, this is not something you can specify in FFCore.


The set sample functionality in FFPS will print periodically to the top tray. However, it will print job pages and not a measurement target.

You could have FFCore duplicate the job based on quantity and then insert a target every 100 pages and send that to a queue that would do a repeating sheet in set but I suspect that may in fact print an extra page so the measurement jobs end up in the DFE. Also, not sure how that would imapct performance - we duplicate pages via pointers so performance should be ok but I would always test...


The sample uncollated stacks would seem to do the trick but again that's using content from the job and not a measurement target... 


Not sure how else I would do it and that does leave a gap if you are printing small quantities.

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Automated banner sheet

we have a scenario where we want to pull out a banner sheet from a live print job every 100 sheets to the top tray.

The banner page will have a colour wedge on it and this will be scanned in our colour mangement system to highlight colour consistency from this particular press.


I am not sure if you can automate this process on the rip that every job that is printed?


My thoughts are that I add a page to each job coming out of Core as a banner page and always make sure it is the last page.


Not sure how I can program the queue so that it will see the last page as not part of the job but solely to be printed as a banner page every cycle of 100 sheets.

I know there are ways on the rip to do this but we want to automate it. Not sure if we would acheive this through Core or on the rip.


Any thougts


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