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Barcode component



We are trying to configure the Barcode component in the workflow without success.


Our needs : 
We receive multiple PDF files in a dedicated folder. Each PDF file will be inserted in ONE envelope.
We batch the files (using the 'Join' component) to send a unique job to the printer and the enveloping machine. This works we have a correct output.
But we also want to add a Barcode (datamatrix) on each front pages and this Barcode must be valid for our enveloping machine.

we have 3 documents in the hot folder:  A (2 pages), B(3 pages), C(1 pages). Let's say we use the simplex print.
if the Join process the document in this order we would like to have
page1 : 1-A
page2 : 1-B
page3 : 2-C
page4 : 2-D
page5 : 2-E
page6 : 3-F

First information will be used for the enveloping machine to split the files and the second information will be used to control that we have all the pages (a cycle A-Z)

Thank you for any help !

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