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Re: Bleed missing when auto imposing saddle stitch books

Ensure the first imposition has the following settings:

  • Impose Relative To - Trim Box
  • Add a margin - this can be any value - it will preserve the bleed which will not affect the second imposition


Ensure the second imposition also Imposes Relative to the Trim Box

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Bleed missing when auto imposing saddle stitch books

I am trying to set up a workflow for automatically imposing saddlestitch books.

What I am doing is setting up a hotfolder for a stock size of 18" x 12" so that I can drop in 5.5" x 8.5" books that would be 2up on 18 x 12, whatever size the book is that would fit on 18 x 12.


In order to do this, I have to have 2 stages. In the first stage I need to have the Press Sheet Size set to Automatic and the Page Order set to Signature. This will impose whatever size book I drop in. Then you second stage, I impose it at 18x12 sheet size repeated. The problem is, under the first stage with the Press Sheet Size set to Automatic, it does not honor the bleed in the document. For instance, the 5.5 x 8.5 book will impose perfect, 2up on the 18 x 12 sheet, but it doesn't add the bleed.


Is there a way around this?



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