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Re: Bleed on an imposition set

Could it be that you are using Automatic Press Sheet Size or a sheet size not big enough to fit the bleed? In that case, try increasing the Margins in the Gutters tab of the imposition.

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Bleed on an imposition set

After performing the imposition there are two options that I am aware of for creating a bleed. 

You can use the Optimize node to create a Bleed using scaling -- see screensnap.

Another option is to use the workflow defined here which describes creating a mirrored bleed. There is a zip file with the workflow on the page "AddBleedbyMirroring".


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Bleed on an imposition set

Making a workflow with two impositions (14x1, followed by 1x4) that makes a total of 56 artboards turned into a single page for printing. The outer edge of those 56 artboards as a whole needs a bleed. I was using Trueflow before, but we've switched programs. Am I missing something right under my nose?


Thanks for any help


(Also I can't figure out how to add images for helpful visual aides; sorry)

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