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CORE User Guide ?

Is there ever going to be a proper User Manual oulining HOW to's?  The "Help" provides definitions, but not much actual Help. If it's being written, perhaps they could include a section on how to best utilize the "Easy Starts" and what each portion of the modules is doing.


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Re: CORE User Guide ?

The current version of the EasyStarts includes documentation that talks about the easy starts.


FFCore is built to allow use of relatively simple components in a very flexible workflow framework. There are no plans at the moment to deliver a document of examples of practical applications. That would be a fairly substantial document.


That said, If you have specific questions I would be more than happy to answer them.



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Core script executing

If we execute a script against our MIS system, what type of format does Core expect the response to be in?


How does Core get the returned value mapped to a field?


We envision dropping a pdf in a hotfolder that has a naming convention that would allow a script to query our MIS system for specific field values.  Then Core would use those field values within our workflow.


Troy Fischer


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Re: Core script executing

I would have the script generate a manifest (aka CSV file) with the data from the MIS. You can then submit that manifest to FFCore as you would any other manifest. The only requirement is a pointer to the job file. Beyond that yu can add any data you want.

There are example manifests in the EasyStart workflows.

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