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BeeRad New Member
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CORE connection to 3rd Party Fiery

Freeflow Core to EFI Fiery Print server (Non-Xerox Printer).

I want to send a list of jobs with job ticketing embedded (Copies, Plex, Color, etc.) to a Fiery Print Server, with trays preloaded per 3rd party media catalog. I just want to have Fiery print according to the CORE Job Ticket, without operator intervention, map the media correctly, in "lights out" scenario. I have JDF enabled on the Fiery. What is the recommended way of doing this, the Fiery doesn't take XPIF. The JDF's that I have created have a Media ProductID, but if I add the same ProductID in Fiery Paper Catalog, it still fails to map automatically. What am I missing? - Bee

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator Michael325861-xrx
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: CORE connection to 3rd Party Fiery

In order to directly connect (versus submission to a Hot Folder at the Controller) to a non-Xerox, EFI Fiery JDF-enabled device, you need the current version of FreeFlow Core - version, which is avaiable for download from the Support & Drivers section.  Download the current Release Notes to view important information about configuring non-Xerox devices and supported capabilities.

We are constantly improving our integration with non-Xerox, JDF-enabled devices so while certain capabilities may not be supported today it's likely that they will be supported in the near future. So check back regularly for the latest updates.

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