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The Print component uses IPP to query the DFE for printer capabilities. As such, it has been configured to work with devices that we know will return a valid set of DFE capabilities via IPP. Creo DFEs do not have the requisite IPP support so that cannot be added through the Print component.


If you are looking to get the job to the DFE then you can Save the job to a Hot Folder for the DFE to pick up. However, I would assume you are interested on getting the job to the DFE with a print ticket.


There are a couple of ways to do this with the Creo:

  • Use the external component to call FreeFlow Print Manager - APP. FFPM-APP is an incremental purchase but will give you the ability to make a CLI call to submit a PDF and XPIF print ticket to the DFE.
  • If the Creo supports JDF input (which I believe it does), use the save component to save a PDF + JDF file. Although the JDF file aligns to the Integrated Digital Printing Interoperability Conformance Spec from CIP4 I would expect that it willneed some manipulation for the Creo DFE to understand it. This can be done by saving the PDF + JDF locally and creating a script to apply an XML stylesheet to the JDF before submitting it to the Creo.

The last option may also be used to print to any JDF-enabled DFE including the Harlequin DFE mentioned above.

If you are interested and need some help with scripting / XSLT I would suggest contacting the Solutions Engagement Team.

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What can be expected when connecting to a DFE that is not on the supported printers list? A client has a mixed environment that includes an iGen fronted by a CREO v3 DFE (two Indigo fronted by Harlequin as well). Thus far I get no response from attempting to add it via it's IP address. What could be missing in terms of settings on the CREO or, is this just not possible? Suggestions for trying to reach it?



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