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Re: Capitalization

sure will.  thanks.

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Re: Capitalization

As I understnad things, windows is case insensitive so I am surprised at this behavior. Not sure what's going on. I would expect that a developer will need to take a look to see what's going on. Can you escalate this to the hotline?

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I am getting challenged by a capitalization issue when we are pulling in a pdf onto our banner pages.  We are pulling in a background pdf, that is conditional upon which cost center is immediately following our imaging process.  For example if it goes to the cutter, it has a cutter colored background with "cutter" in the border.  Same is true for our other potential 11 cost centers that might follow our digital production.


However I have capitalized the filenames out on our network.  And I capitalized the filename that is contained within our manifest.  But Core errors with a "Job 123 is in the aborted state"  When I change the capitalization in the manifest to mixed case, it pulls correctly, even though the images show up as all upper case on my network.




Troy Fischer



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