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Re: Change Resize Origin

Try to uncheck the option to proportionally resize other boxes (the box resize will resize boxes to ensure proper PDF box nesting).


In addition, please send workflow, manifest input and sample file via private message.

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Change Resize Origin


We have various doccuments coming out of XMPie that need to be cropped. I have been using the Resize component to do this for the font (odd) side and it's working just fine. The back (even) side, however, needs to be cropped relative to the lower-right corner and I cannot find how to do this. I had thought that the "Placement" tab would handle this, but it does not.


Here is an example of a document before processing:



The expected result:



The actual result:



And the Resize component's settings I'm using:



Additional note: I tried playing around with the Horizontal/Vertical Alignment and Offset and these parameters seem to have no effect on the output.


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