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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Color issue when sending job through Core Workflow?

Color problems across platforms are always tough to diagnose. Can you do a preflight on the pdf before FFCore processing and after FFCore processing? Then use Acrobat preflight to analyze the color spaces and output intent of the 2 pdfs. If there is a difference, it may be possible to determine the culprit and come up with a fix.

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Color issue when sending job through Core Workflow?

We have a color issue when sending job to printer via the FFCore workflow, when the file is dropped directly into the FFPS and we apply the background form the color looks correct. When the file comes through Core and the same background form is applied the color is darker by quite a bit, since the background form is pre-loaded on the printer, I don’t see how the color issue related to the FF Core workflow, we just need to understand what is changing in Core, also I noticed that there is a “Manage Color” node in the Core component section, is that we can add this node to the workflow and has something set in it to correct the color when applying the background form?

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