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Re: Combining files

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Both files need to be part of a "job-group". The easiest way to do this is to ZIP both files and give them a numer like 01_cover.pdf and 02_body.pdf.


First thing to do in the workflow is to split both files. That way you can leave the cover untouched and create a booklet of the body. After that Combine them and save/print the file.


The attachment shows an example of a workflow.

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Combining files

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I have 2 files, cover and body. The cover is already setup as a spread to be saddle stitched, the body needs to be imposed and setup to run as a saddle stitch. The covers run on 12x18 cover stock and the bodies will run on 12x18 24lb. Once the body is setup it needs to be combined with the cover, the cover being the first page. 


How would I set something like this up?




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