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Re: Connecting to a SQL database

Thanks I'll do a bit of digging and see if we can work this out.

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Re: Connecting to a SQL database

The FFCore hot folders can be configured to automatically make a CLI call when a file (any type of file) is dropped into the HF. The output of that script should be a file that FFCore understands.


If you can export a file from the MIS into a FFCore hot folder, you should be able to invoke a custom script to make the SQL query and generate a manifest (aka a CSV file) that FFCore would process for job submission.

If you are unsure about how to implement the above, I would suggest that you contact your Xerox analyst. They should point to resources that can help with this sort of thing.



Connecting to a SQL database



Out MIS system is SQL based and doesn't use jdf. Is there a way i could submit a SQL statement or request in Freeflow?


I just need to pull out a size value from our database to use as a variable.


Thank you

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