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Re: Convert PS JT to PDF with FFC

Some good questions, let me try to explain it:

The customer is printing various PostScript files with simplex/duplex switches and different types of paper within a single document. Occasionally, an error occurs where a cover letter is printed on the back side of the previous sheet instead of being printed as the front side of the next sheet.
The error is not reproducible, but unfortunately, it occurs from time to time. As a result, the customer has to manually check their entire print output to prevent documents from being printed with such errors.
These documents are invoices, making accurate output crucial for the customer.
Since Xerox and Fiery have been unable to resolve the issue for a year, the question has now arisen whether we can send the print jobs to the machine via FFC as PDFs with job tickets.

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Re: Convert PS JT to PDF with FFC

The question here is why? What does converting to PDF in Core do for you beyond what happens in the Fiery? Is there something else Core is going to do or only convert to PDF?

Is there a workflow consideration you did not mention?

While YES, FreeFlow Core can convert the PS to PDF, by default it does NOT read most PS commands with that conversion (not saying it cannot be done). But if you are printing to a Fiery now with PS, the Fiery PS driver does NOT use standard PostScript commands. They use their own ticketing commands. As such Core will definitely not just read these Fiery commands.

Why or how will Core help the workflow? If we know that we may be able to recommend an optimized recommendation.


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Convert PS JT to PDF with FFC

Good Morning,

can I use FFC to convert PostScript Files to PDF and send them to a Printer with the Jobticket Information from the original PostScript File?

The Printer is a Versant 3100 with Fiery DFE, and I need the Jobticket Information like Plex and Media.