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Re: Core max page size in route-preset

You are correct about both the limitation in Resize and the lack of said limitation in Imposition.

You are also correct that this is funny...


Luckily there's a pretty simple way to get around this. Use preflight to check the document dimensions and then route based on the preflight result.


The Page Size preflight check (in the Custom Checks) should be able to perform checks that are analogous to those in the job characteristics

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.20.07 PM.png


One thing to keep in mind: If the check is true then the status will be set to either warning or error (depending on what you specify in the Acrobat or pdfToolbox preflight profile)

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Core max page size in route-preset



I´ve just encountered a possible problem for our wide-format printing in Core route-node. We´re making a lot of different kind of products and one product line is Roll-Ups. Now I´ve tried to make a route-preset to sort variable sizes in incoming pdf:s, but I can´t give more than 2540 mm in length or width. Am I doing something wrong or is this truly a limitation? This is quite funny, ´cause in imposition node you don´t have this limitation...


Sami from Finland

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