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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Create MAX file by script based on printdata file put to hotfolder

To validate that I understand what you're asking for:

the input file,, as an example,  would be something like this: 


Your preprocessing script would parse the name as: <OrderID>-<Qty>-FileName.pdf

The input file is always Read from the hotfolder then removed.  It's move to a temporary location for processing.  The removal is so that Core doesn't try to process the file again.

I believe you'd need to have 2 workflows and 2 hotfolders.

The Hotfolder #1 would have a preprocessing script (note could also be an external script).  Workflow #1 doesn't need to do anything much, could be a join or save, really doesn't matter.  All the work is done in Workflow #2. 

HF #1 Script would:

1. Save out a copy of the input file (12345-27-Report.pdf) to a known directory.

2. Write a csv file  into HF #2 with the files 12345, 27, 12345-27-Report.pdf.

3. This will trigger Core to read the CSV file and send to Workflow #2.


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Create MAX file by script based on printdata file put to hotfolder

Hi there

I was wondering how we can get this done:

1. Put printdata file (pdf) to hotfolder
2. Let script create a manifest (MAX) file based on this by using patterns out of filename

I already tried but it seems that it cannot find the print data file ($FFin$) anymore...

Many thanks for your support in advance


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