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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Dynamic Barcoding on Last Page

Assuming you have the Advanced Automation license, I would do the following:

  1. put a Route node at the beginning of the WF with one branch condition being the number of pages is not a multiple of 2 (odd)
    1. for the branch add an Insert node that adds a blank page at the end of the pages (page range = -1)

See screensnaps:


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Dynamic Barcoding on Last Page

I am currently running into an issue on Free Flow Core 5.1.07 with regards to laying in a dynamic barcode for perforation for a 2up imposition on 18'' web paper. I need to put a barcode on both sides of the 18'' inch paper to drive dynamic perforation on both pages (2up). To handle the dynamic perforation codes - I am reading in bookmarks of the PDF. However, when a certain number of pages in the document generate an unequal imposition - meaning I only have one page on a 2up imposition - a barcode is not placed on the document and I generate errors during printing. As an example of what I mean - if I have a 10 page document. A barcode is placed on every page of the 2up imposition - except on the last page because the document is on the "right" side of the 2up imposition - and not the left. This causes a barcode to be placed on the "right" side of the imposition and not the "left". I suspect this is because there are no logical bookmarks for the system to key off of, but I am not sure what a solution for this would be.
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