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Enhance Images node is unusable, destroys image quality

I tried using Enhance Images node recently, and the way it works makes it completely unusable for any commericial printing.

It completely destroys image quality, processed images seem much lower resolution than original and they have a lot of artifacts which typically appear on images saved as very low quality jpeg format.

Even if I just set to improve saturation and nothing else, image quality is still destroyed.

What's up with that? Why are processed images saved in much lower quality?
There doesn't seem to be any setting to control the quality of saved images at all

Here is an example:

Image Enhancer destroying image qualityImage Enhancer destroying image quality

left side is original, right side is processed image.
It becomes much, much worse when there is any text present in the image.

If I open the very same image in Photoshop, raise saturation there, and save it, even as something like jpeg quality 10 out of 12, there aren't tons of artifacts in the image. So something is clearly very wrong in how FF Core handles images.

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Enhance Images node is unusable, destroys image quality

I see the Image Quality problem. The Sharpness Level could lead to defects like these. If it is set to "off" does the problem occur?

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