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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: External Node status

The External node does not expect the called program to generate a output file which is stored in the output directory.  If no output file is provided by the external program, FreeFlow Core will internally default the output file by copying the input file as the output file.

A script returning an exit code of 0 will be treated as a success.  A non-zero value will be treated as a failure and the FreeFlow job will be aborted.

Note: The final status of the job processed through the External node is determined first by the existence of the output file by one of the 2 methods described earlier and second the exit code of the external program.

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External Node status

What is the current expected behavior for the External node? When you execute a script there are a few expected scenarios:

1) the script runs successfully and returns an exit code 0 (success)

2) the script runs and returns nothing (no files and no exit codes)

3) the scripts can return a file to Core or NOT return a file to core.

I know years ago Core expected a file to be returned to it. I thought that had been changed so that the external component didnt care about files being returned to it and not to care as much about status messaging.

Getting some strange results and want to understand what is "normal" before escalating the issues.

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