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Re: External Workflows

Thanks Javier,


The update has resolved the issue.


I have sent the export via a private message.




Re: External Workflows

Thanks for the quick reply, I will upgrade today and let you know. I will include more details with the exports.


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Re: External Workflows

Please ensure you are running v4.0.2.0. We made some changes to the external component to address cases in which the filenames we used were not sufficiently random. That may cause the problems that you are seeing.

Also - as part of this, the naming has been changed to make it simpler to map jobs in the external system to jobs within FFCore.


If you are seeing this problem in v4.0.2.0 please escalate to the hotline so that a developer can take a look.



Presets, job characteristics, printer destinations and other configuration in FreeFlow Core isalready reusable. You can see where things are reused by selecting the blie "Info" button that you will see in the UI. The only configuration that is not reusable is the sequence of components in a workflow and configuration for Route and Split (nodes whose configuration changes the structure of the workflow).

Two questions:

1. Did you realize that most FFCore configuration s reusable?

2. If so, what are you getting with the approach below that you cannot get via the nominal reusability of FFCore configuration?


Lastly, please export all your workflows and send them to me. I would like to understand your implementation as it is quite unique. 




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External Workflows

I am using a workflow that controls a sequence of sub-workflows via the external node "Hot Folder" method. 


My goal is to alow the external nodes to do pieces of the work that then become reusable.

All workflows are file based, not MAX.

I am running into a problem where the external nodes are getting confused by the file landing in the ScriptOutput destination when more than 1 workflow is active at the same time.


Consequently, these jobs error, and the error for JobA might say something like...

"Failed to move file JobB.pdf to etc...."

so it would appear that the external node is confused with the second active instance of the workflow.

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