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External node to run a batch file

Can I use the external node to run a batch file? I have a batch file that converts pdfs and embeds eps image for VIPP I need to run the batch file and pass the location of the pdf file in the core workflow?

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Re: External node to run a batch file

Try this:

copy %1 "C:\Temp\%~nx1"
"C:\vide\pdftops\pdftonps.exe" "C:\Temp\%~nx1" "C:\Temp" _temp_ "C:\vide\pdftops" "C:\vide\license.dat"
copy "C:\Temp\%~nx1" %2

External node parameters "$FFin$" "$FFout$"

Depending on the VIPP software you are using you could have a different path to your pdftonps


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