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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: FCore 5.4.3 with Fiery FS350 Pro at Primelink B9136

My suspicion is the EFI is not providing the expected IPP. Are you able to connect to other supported Xerox printers? Were you able to connect to the Primelink with any earlier version of FFCore?

I recommend that you contact Xerox support to sort out the problem.

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FCore 5.4.3 with Fiery FS350 Pro at Primelink B9136

I have a problem connection the FFCore 5.4.3 with the Fiery 350 Pro of the Primelink B9136

Within FFCore, the status of the Submission is ok and also the printer status is set to normal. However the printer destinations nodes / printer queues show the status; Queue does not accept jobs.

I fwe try to create a new print node for that printer, FFCore shows that there is no communication with the printer available.

If I look into the Mantisse Log, there is a request shown from FFCore to the Fiery system for the defined print destinations, but no answer is shown.

Within the IPP Ops Log there a error messages of the following type:.

.... [moval] [ERROR]  Http Communication  SendHttpWebRequest  - System.Net.Web.Exception The remto server returned an Error (500) Internal Server error. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse ().

Any Idea what may cause this message.

The protocols on the printer (ipp and smnp) are active.

The only direct impact I could see is the installation of a Fiery Patch Named Fiery API_Win_5.1.38.00 Fiery API Patch, that was installed on the FS350 Pro.

Thank you for your help


Werner Dirckmann


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