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Re: FF Core Hotfolder with scripting: "The process cannot reach the file because...&qu

When a script is executed, FFCore will store stdout and stderr in XML files in either the MAX subfolder (for hot folders) on in a folder in the Scripts folder in the sandbox (for the external component).


Are you able to trigger the script with the CLI without FFCore?

Also, send me the batch file via a privatre message.

You might also try using Process Explorer to figure out which process has a lock on the file:

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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

FF Core Hotfolder with scripting: "The process cannot reach the file because..."



FF Core French


For demonstration purpose, I made a very simple .BAT (which simply copies $FFin$ to $FFout$), then attached it to a given FF Core hotfolder. In the hotfolder script section, the timeout is set to 120 seconds (default value).


According to its own log file, my script is properly called by the FF Core hotfolder, but does not do the file copy I expected.


The job is thus not visible in the FF Core UI*** (even in the "Failed Jobs" queue); on the opposite, I have an stderr.log file created in the hotfolder "Etat MAX" subfolder ("Etat MAX" means "MAX status" in French), which says:


<stderr 23/04/2016 12:11:44>
The process cannot reach the file because this file is in use by another process.



Did I miss something?


Thanks for sharing your valuable experience!

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