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FF Core rebooting the platform lets "Paused" jobs go to "Failed Jobs"


We have a customer here with a FF Core AP & AA (yes: I know it's quite old, but it works in conjunction with another application, which currently does not support later versions).

On purpose, some of their incoming jobs go to the "Paused" status (waiting for some additional files to come in, before they are collected and worked together by FF Core).

The thing is, our customer realized that rebooting the platform (for pure IT reasons: nothing to do with FF Core) frequently had some (or all) of these "Paused" jobs to be unexpectedly move to the "Failed Jobs" status.

Obviously, our customer could take these "Failed Jobs", and submit them again; but this would assign another job ID to the newly submitted job, which would be extremely painful for this customer, as the original job ID was meanwhile printed out as a QR Code on some banner pages, that are processed by some finishing equipments; so, the whole would create a big m€$$ in their print factory :-|

We had a look at the FF Core Release Notes (until 5.4.4), without being able to find this behavior mentioned as a Resolved Issue. Same unsuccessful search in this valuable Forum...

Q: have you guys watched this kind of situation? Were you able to fix it?


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