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Re: FFCore UI: Unable to type numeric values in FF Core text fields???

I do not believe this to be expected behavior. However, it is something that a developer will need to evaluate. Can you escalate this to the hotline?

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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

FFCore UI: Unable to type numeric values in FF Core text fields???



Environment: FF Core with the French UI / FF 43.0.4 / Windows 10 Pro French / French keyboard.


By default, a French keyboard has Caps Lock disabled. To use the numeric characters of your keyboard, there are typically two options:

* method 1: temporarily push the "Shift" key, while also pushing the relevant digit key at the same time - most people prefer this one, as alphabetic characters remain in lower case.

* method 2: enable "Caps Lock" (then directly hit the numeric keys) - most people hate this one, as alphabetic characters thus remain in uppercase.


With any FF Core input textbox, which is waiting for the user to input some digits, method 1 fails: no digit at all is put in the FF Core textbox.

Only method 2 works fine (but as stated here-above, it's a bit upsetting, as far as the UX is concerned).


Is this a know (and accepted) behavior?

I remember I used to experience the same behavior with older versions of FF Core/FF/Windows.

I assume that the behavior is not due to Silverlight itself (I am also a frequent user of XMPie Circle, which also relies on Silverlight, and did not experiene the issue).


Thanks for sharing your own experience!

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