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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: FFCore backing up / restoring jobs?

Jobs need to complete processing before an upgrade occurs. There is not a method to "save" the processing jobs in mid-flight.

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FFCore backing up / restoring jobs?


A customer of us, who still operates a FF Core, realized that, should they reboot their Windows Server, while some jobs are still in the FF Core queue, these jobs go to the "Fail" status. We are said that this is working as designed by the FF Core developers.

Now, the customer really needs to reboot their server, but they can't complete their jobs beforehand (they have a full industrial process, behind FF Core, with some machines interacting with FF Core at their own pace, so this can't be done when you like).

They would like to backup their jobs, before the OS reboot, then restore the jobs, after reboot.

OK, there's "Core Exchange", but it's not obvious that it is able to backup and restore jobs - even if you do a "Clone".


* can "Core Exchange" really backup and restore jobs?

* if it can't, is there a known workaround?


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