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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: FFCore 5.4.4 and IE11?

See the current Release Notes: System Requirements, pg.1-2:

Supported: Current versions of modern browsers from Apple®, Google®, Microsoft® and Mozilla®

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and the original Microsoft Edge are not supported. Only Microsoft Chromium Edge is supported.
  • Browsers older than one year are not supported. To avoid compatibility issues, always use the latest version of the browser.
  • Always use desktop computer browsers. Mobile device browsers may exhibit display issues.

Also, to achieve optimal performance with Modern Browsers, choose the ‘High Performance’ power plan from the Power Options Control Panel.

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FFCore 5.4.4 and IE11?


The customer called, complaining that he could not decently browse his brand new FFCore 5.4.4 (he used to operate a beforehand): the list of Workflows is left empty (whereas he has dozens of them), "Submit Job" is blind, etc. Chrome works like a charm.

The first reflex here was to dive into the 5.4 Release Note, which states that "FreeFlow Core supports current versions of modern browsers from Apple®, Google®, Microsoft® and Mozilla®".

Good to know! Now, without arguing, is IE11 a "modern browser from Microsoft®" ? Certainly not... :-|

Have you guys any experience in that matter?


Kind regards,

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