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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: FFCore Spool Folder Not Being Purged

One must be careful purging the contents of the Spool directory. It may contain job Characteristics files used for the Route and Print nodes.

You could check in Core Configure to ensure that the values for oapJobRetention and ExpiredJobSweepInterval are set to reasonable values.


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FFCore Spool Folder Not Being Purged

I have a customer who is currently running an installation of FFcore version 6.2.2 build 280104. They have noticed their FFCore Spool folder is filling up and not being purged. All jobs have been deleted from the Core interface itself, but the Spool folder is still hogging a lot of the disk space.

Is there a reason the Spool folder isn't being purged automatically when jobs are deleted in Core? Also, is it OK to delete the contents manually, or are there any file types thast should be left so as not to cause issue?


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