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Re: Feature Request: Imposition Support for MAX variables

Firstly, We use Kodak Prinergy + Preps for the majority of our impositions. THis requires a large library of templates, similar in size to what we would require currently in FF Core workflows. We do not use XPIF in this workflow, our output is direct to PDF.


With our gutters, we need special cases for different finishing machines. Using the resize component does not offer us the ability to maintain a trim box and alter a media box to be half the size of our gutters. Almost thought that might work. We need to maintain crop marks relative to trim boxes, not resized page boxed.


Our intention is to utilise FF Core for imposition for a variety of target devices (not just Xerox). We require specific press sheet sizes be defined so that we get sizes which meet a specific ( non xerox) device. MAX would help here.


Variably controlling imposition via max would allow us to submit  a configuration from our own applications that can drive the imposition parameters, reducing the number of impositions, route choices and hot folder preset configurations 100 fold.  This would take FF Core to a whole new level. 




The actual workflow we use has a very long scroll time..... And many routes. 

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Re: Feature Request: Imposition Support for MAX variables

Some question:

I am curious about what would drive differences in gutter distances?

The Resize component has the ability to accept MAX variables and in many cases placing that ahead of imposition will do the trick. However, it depends on the details.


As you know, FFCore imposition has the ability to automatically select between the defined press sheet sizes (when you select the Automatic press sheet size option). Is there something about this that is unacceptable? I would like to understand this a little better.


The imposition plex is not controllable by MAX variables. However, you can control it via the XPIF ticket. Just have the manifest point to an XPIF that contains the desired plex. If you are not submitting an XPIF with the manifest, you can put three variations in a predefined location and then write the path to the desired file in the manifest.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.00.48 AM.png


I would also like to understand what drives differences in page alignment options.


Lastly, if you'd like to not have this discussion in the forum feel free to send me a private message. 


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Feature Request: Imposition Support for MAX variables



It would be great if you could use max variables in all input box locations.


An exmaple would be:


Imposition: Although all fields would be excellent, the ability to control Gutters, Press Sheetsize,  Sidedness, Layout Direction, Page Alignment would allow us to reduce our imposition cumbersome presets library down to a handful which control hundreds of scenarios.




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