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Re: Fonts not available

I installed these fonts on my FFC systems.


On WIndows 2008 R2 the fonts are not visible in the Fonts control panel and they are also not visible in WordPad. However, if I try to reinstall the fonts I get a message asking whether I want to replace the font. So the font installed but not accessible... Given that, FFC will not see the fonts either. I would suggest that you install the TrueType version of the fonts and see if that works better.


I would also suggest uninstalling the OpenType fonts but I am not sure how to do that if you cannot see them in the Fonts control panel...


On Windows 2012 R2 the fonts are visible in the Fonts control panel and they also appear in WordPad and in the FFCore UI. If you are using 2012 R2 and the fonts are now appearing I would ask that you download the latest version of the fonts (I obtained mine from and try again. If they still do not work, then I would escalate to the hotline.


I've enclosed a couple of screenshots of the font menu in watermarks from my 2012 system:


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.46.22 PM.png

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Fonts not available

After installing Open Type Font "Xerox Sans" the font ist not available in FFCore, e.g. numbering pages.

On different software e.g. TextEdit the font ist available. The whole server has been restartet after installing the font.


What can i do?


Thank you....

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